Heavy Duty Wall Boards

Resistance from all the elements.
Wherever durability, strength and prolonged exposure to natural elements is of major concern, Everest Heavy Duty Wall Boards come into play. These boards help create both internal and external walls which are impact resistant, load bearing and easy to maintain. They are extremely stable in dimension and offer tough resistance to permanent dampness or water seepages. They are ideal for internal wet area linings in residences, offices and large commercial complexes too.
  These Boards in combination with different frameworks like timber, steel and aluminium, offer unique advanced dry wall constructions leading to maximum space utilisation along with substantial savings on time.
  • 8 times lighter than conventional masonry systems. 3 times faster than conventional masonry systems, Seamless anc crack free surfaces allowing ease of decoration with paint, tiles or wall paper, Excellent fire rating, thermal and sound insulation properties