Feature Conventional Buildings Everest Pre Engineered steel Buildings
Design Substantial Engineering and detailing work is required in every project,resulting in time overruns. Highly sophasticated software design package Everest-MBS used for designing which reduces design time significantly and eliminates error.
Delivery Average 20 to 26 weeks Average 6 to 8 weeks
Foundations Heavy foundations Simple design, light foundations
Erection Simplicity Connections are complicated and differ from project to project,resulting in long learning curves of erection teams. Standard components connections, short learning curve
Erection time Long High variable and unpredictabe. Fast and standardised erection process
Seismic Resistance Rigid heavy weight structures do not perform well in seismic zones. Low weight flexible frames offer higher resistance to seismic zones.
Overall Price High Cost efficient
Architecture Specian architectural features and designs must be developed for each project which often requires research and thus resulting in much higher cost. Outstanding architectural design can be achieved at low cost using standard architectural features and interface details.Traditional wall and fascia materials such as concrete, masonry and wood can be utilized.
Sourcing and co-ordination Many sources of supply, hence considerable project management time is required to co-ordinate with suppliers and sub-contractors Building is supplied with cladding and all accessories, including erection, from a single "one-stop" source
Future Expansions Future expansion would be more difficult and more likely costlier. Future expansion is simple, easy and cost effective.