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Everest has been in the building materials arena since 1934. That’s over 80 years of expertise and experience. Our rich past has allowed us to constantly evolve and understand every nuance of building construction while keeping up with changing times. Over time, we have also grown to understand the construction needs of a consumer better. Our in depth interaction with them has given us powerful insights to provide an umbrella of solutions for different sectors like ceiling tilesfalse ceiling designs, house interior ceiling design, interior products etc. of the industry.


Today, a false ceiling is much more than just a covering for steel or RCC structures.  It is a multipurpose surface that serves in terms of thermal, acoustic, light reflectance and ease of maintenance.  Ceilings are also no longer confined to interiors but also installed in open areas like sofit lining, external corridors, porticos, driveways etcs. and thus, need to be weather resistant as well.


At Everest we understand how you need different ceilings for different spaces. Which is why Everest has introduced various options to cater to the diverse needs of customers. Do you need an uncomplicated yet elegant ceiling solution for your office? Or are you looking for a sturdier system for your hotel driveway that can withstand wind loads? Perhaps you desire a more aesthetic ceiling choice for your showroom? Need a complete hassle-free ceiling solution? That's why Everest Ceiling Solutions bring to you and your design. From simple plain choices to designer variants to Grid Systems, Everest Ceiling Solutions is the ideal answer to all that you need and desire from your ceiling and the perfect complement to your space!