Rapicon Wall Panels

Double the strength. Half the construction time.
In today’s fast-paced world, time and space are being squeezed on every front. Everest Rapicon Wall Panels, Wall Paneling material offer solutions to these constraints by providing options that deliver a promise of strength, speed and safety. This revolutionary dry wall solution maintains the solid effect of a conventional brick or block wall, however, it is 4 times faster than brickwork, thereby saving you time and cost with its tongue and groove joining system, and one forth the weight of brick work withsound insulation of 40 dB with fire rating > 2 hours. Everest Readymade walls are sandwich Panels made of Reinforced Aerated Cement Concrete and Everest Wall Boards. Their unique Tonque and Groove Jointing System facilitates rapid construction and maximises space utilisation. everest Readymade Walls epitomise an extremely speedy and elegant wall solution, which is compatible with a host of surface finishing choices like paint, veneer, texture coating and wallpaper.

Providing finishes of your choice

Area of Application:

  • Internal Walls - Residential / Commericial / Industrial
  • Pre-fabricated Shelter - Internal / External Walls


Type of Finish Material
Painting- Interior Paint: 2 coats of acrylic water based emulsion/water based oil bound distemper/ synthetic enamel (in special cases as per customer choice )
Painting- Exterior Paint: 2 coats of synthetic enamel/exterior grade emulsion/ texture paint as per the choice of the customer
Painting- Monolithic Treat with flexible sealent coated with fibre glass mesh
Wall paper/ Veneer -