From zero investments to great saving:

The Journey

The Sun

The Powerhouse of Life.

The sun has been a source of power ever since the beginning of creation. Its power has been used by human civilization all along. The total energy from the sun absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere in a year is twice the energy that will ever be obtained from the Earth's entire fossil fuel sources.

Rooftop Solar

The Future of Energy.


  • Unutilized assets put to use
  • Consumes self-generated clean and green power and reduces dependency on grid & DGs
  • Usability and control on cost of Solar Power for 25 years

Best-in-class Equipment and World Class Suppliers

Everest Solar believes in technology innovation and state-of-the-art-manufacturing. Our team is recognized for its quality and reliability. We choose world class suppliers as per industry standards. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to seamless and hassle-free project execution across the nation.

  • Best Equipment
    Best in class equipment sourced from across the world to ensure reliable performance.
  • Modules
    Tier-1 branded panels.
  • Mounting Structures
    Pre-galvanized steel structures with uniform Zinc coating vis-à-vis post-galvanized.
  • String Level Monitoring
    Standard industry practice is to monitor the inverter (multi-string) parameters. We monitor strings to pick up on any early signs of module degradation/defects.
  • Remote Monitoring system
    SCADA, plant data and on-site weather sensors collate and analyze data every 15 minutes at a central depository control room to ensure high uptime.
  • Wiring
    Copper wires instead of aluminum; copper has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion and is more suitable for external use.
  • Nuts and Bolts
    SS 304 corrosion free for 25 years of plant life.

No Risk, Zero Investment, and Predictable Supply

We deliver immediate, risk-free savings with no investment from you and zero hassle operation and maintenance.

  • Zero Capex
  • Increased Savings
  • We are Building Specialists
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Efficient Solar Power Supply
  • Tailor-made Solutions

Prerequisites to Installing Everest Solar Roofs

Project Details

  • Your Company Name
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Number
  • State/Town/City
  • Balance Sheet (Last 3 Years)
  • Credit Rating of the Company (Crisil or Care)

Roof Details

  • Type of Roof (Metal, RCC, Asbestos or Others)
  • Flat or slope; if Slope, please mention Tilt Angle
  • Load Bearing Capacity (Kg/m2)
  • State/Town/City
  • Sheet Profile (in case of Metal Roof)
  • Height of Parapet wall (in case of RCC Roof - m)
  • Total area of Rooftop
  • AutoCAD drawing of building & roof

Electrical Details

  • Feeding Voltage (V)
  • Sanctioned load capacity (kW)
  • Electricity bills (last 6 months)
  • Location and distance of feeding point from the rooftop (in meters)
  • Whether a spare feeder is available or not in the feeding panel for solar power
  • Busbar current rating (in Amp.) of the existing panel where solar power is to be fed in
  • DG set capacity (numbers and KVA)
  • DG usage in day time (hours)

There are benefits of going Solar today

Corporates and industries in regions with high solar potential should go for solar power right away to get immediate profits in the form of Break Even Point (BEP).

How Everest Solar Can Empower You?

The vision of Everest Solar is to empower billions of Indians with clean, efficient and affordable solar power. Everest Solar Rooftop Systems are designed to provide clean and affordable energy to factories and offices with intermittent or no grid electricity. Being modular in construction, it can be customized to generate and provide solutions based on individual needs.

With our impeccable skills and optimized capabilities, we provide complete engineering, procurement and construction solutions for large, grid-connected solar power plants of megawatt scale. Our ground-breaking and advanced solar solutions ensure a smooth switch to companies and individuals from polluting and inefficient captive diesel plants to captive solar power plants for their factories and businesses.

Everest’s promise of quality, efficiency, customer care and reliability in providing rooftop solar solutions is backed by its 8 decade old legacy of being an expert in providing roofing solutions to millions of Indians. A highly credible name in the building solutions industry, Everest has a wide range of roofing products for industrial, commercial and residential applications, distributed across more than 600 towns and 1 Lakh villages across India. The company also is one of the fastest growing and leading Pre-Engineered Building manufacturers, which has designed, manufactured and erected more than 2000 Pre-Engineered Buildings in the last 5 years.

Resource support

  • 1622 Employees
  • 875 Managerial Professionals
  • 84 Designers & 22 Engineers
  • 74 project experts

Grid Dependence

Average electricity consumption in India stands at 1075 KWh per capita, more than 98% of which is Grid power that is not just getting expensive but also is inaccessible for many parts of the country where they face major power cuts. The Grid tariff in Indian states range between Rs.5.50 - Rs.15.00 per KWh.


India, being a tropical country, receives adequate solar radiation for 300 days, amounting to 3,000 hours of sunshine equivalent to over 5,000 trillion KWh. Almost all regions receive 47 kWh of solar radiation per sq. mtr. with about 2,300-3,200 sunshine hours/year, depending upon the location.

Savings with Solar

The solar rooftop system starts at about 100 watts and goes up to 100+ kilowatts. A 1 KW system can help save up to Rs. 8,250 per year in comparison to grid electricity. If used as a power backup in grid-constrained regions, compared to the equivalent use of a 1 KVA gasoline generator, it saves fuel costs of up to Rs.56,000 per year. So, go solar and start saving.